Project manager

What to do
  • Select a team for the project
  • Together with the team, immerse yourself in the work and start the process
  • Regularly optimize the work of employees and interaction with the customer
  • Monitor the work of subordinates and monitor the quality
  • Plan work on a regular basis, set new goals and achieve them together with the team
  • You have at least 2 years of experience in project management
  • Ability to build relationships with clients and subordinates
  • Understand how to optimize work processes
  • Competently use the company's resources to achieve the goal
  • Proactive and attentive
  • Chasing quality and striving to develop
You will fit if
  • The official salary is from 90,000 rubles per month. The exact amount depends on your skills and expectations — we will discuss them at the interview
  • Five-day working week with flexible start and end of the day
  • Work in the office. Our office is a thoughtful open space, where there are individual places to work, modern appliances and a kitchen with coffee and food
  • Free training: courses at the expense of the company for professional development
  • The ability to make decisions without thousands of approvals and offer ideas: from the simplest to the most ambitious
  • Corporate taxi and fuel for your iron horse
  • And all this in comfortable conditions without bureaucracy and dress code
What awaits you in S3
How we are working
Cross functional team
Our team is always synchronized with each other to achieve results, everyone contributes to the common cause of the company
No limits
The goal is to develop our company. You are free to choose the strategy and tools to achieve the goal
Savvy and enthusiasm
We use non-standard approaches in our work, we are looking for and implementing solutions that help us lead in terms of speed and quality of work
Creating a service that is loved
We take a comprehensive approach to solving issues, keep everything under control, which allows our clients not to worry about their own project
We are a service company working on complex projects. We develop and implement various solutions to optimize service processes.
To implement new projects, we need Managers who are ready to take responsibility for the project and its development, manage the situation, form a team and work with it.
Salary from 90,000 ₽

Important information

Is it possible without a resume?

A resume is a mandatory stage for all candidates. It allows us to learn about your experience in advance and have a more substantive conversation at the interview. If cooperation within the vacancy does not work out, we will save the resume and come back to you when something suitable appears.

What should I write in my resume?

Tell us about your education, work experience and tasks that you had to solve at your previous places of work. It will be great if you show examples of work or training projects. You can also tell us about the skills that help you in your work, your life goals and interests.Be sure to indicate which vacancy you are applying for, so that the resume gets to the right recruiter faster. Add information about salary expectations and leave contacts for feedback: email and phone.

How to prepare for an interview?

1. Read about the mission and values of the company on this site, learn about our products and their benefits on the main site.
2. Answer the question "Why do I want to work in this position, what attracts me to this direction?" and be prepared to talk about your experience at the interview.
3. Prepare interview questions. For example, about working conditions and tasks.

Can I try again if I was rejected before?

We give detailed feedback after the interview and say if some skills are missing. You can respond again when you work through these moments. Candidates who get a job with us after a rejection usually take a break of six months.

Let's go?

Head: Vladislav Pavlovich Fomenko
Phone: +7 928 179 71 00
Office: 423450, RT, Almetyevsk, 7 A, Bazovaya St., office №4 and №6
Reception: 8 800 777 08 36
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