We give you the opportunity to realize your potential in comfortable conditions and without a salary ceiling

Let's conquer new heights


What does each

employee get?

Participation in corporate events
and company events

Sick pay
and holidays

Corporate cab
and fuel

Payment for training for advanced training

Opportunity for career growth

Comfortable office with modern technology

Team and independent planning

No one will control your working day, monitor every action and tell you exactly how to go to the goal. If there are difficulties, the team is always ready to support and help - just say

Work as


We make decisions and offer ideas

You will be able to make decisions within your area of responsibility without approval from above. And offer ideas on how to improve the service or processes inside - they will definitely be taken into account

A fully open company

All meetings, business plans, strategy are open. You can challenge any decision and offer your own. You can influence the setting of goals that the team is going to

We value development within the company

If you understand that you are ready to grow and move on, we give you the opportunity to prove yourself and are ready to share your experience. Nothing is impossible, it all depends on you

Values that move us

The desire to develop
and develop
Each team member is responsible for the result
To help our clients in the implementation of their large-scale projects
Team spirit and desire to work for the sake of the company
We are looking for like-minded people who are passionate about their work and are ready to conquer new heights, because we ourselves strive to be the best of the best. We need independent, responsible and proactive people.
Vladislav, Director

Project manager

To implement new projects, we need Managers who are ready to take responsibility, manage the situation, form a team and work with it.

Content manager

We undertake difficult and interesting projects, using ingenuity and experience in our work. We need a content manager who can tell others about us, with the same non-standard and creative approach.

The promoter

Many companies need specialists like Us, but in order to establish cooperation with them, we need a Promoter who will "prepare the ground" for new projects.
Protect the interests of the company, conduct a legal audit, monitor and improve contracts with counterparties.

Legal counsel



We cannot do without a competent economist who takes into account the indicators, builds a financial plan and optimizes taxation for the qualitative scaling of the company.


Assistant Manager

Need a mini superwoman who is always on the phone and ready to fly in to help and resolve issues. Communicative and stress-resistant. The main task is to remove all routine work from the director.

Important information

Is it possible without a resume?

A resume is a mandatory stage for all candidates. It allows us to learn about your experience in advance and have a more substantive conversation at the interview. If cooperation within the vacancy does not work out, we will save the resume and come back to you when something suitable appears.

What should I write in my resume?

Tell us about your education, work experience and tasks that you had to solve at your previous places of work. It will be great if you show examples of work or training projects. You can also tell us about the skills that help you in your work, your life goals and interests.Be sure to indicate which vacancy you are applying for, so that the resume gets to the right recruiter faster. Add information about salary expectations and leave contacts for feedback: email and phone.

How to prepare for an interview?

1. Read about the mission and values of the company on this site, learn about our products and their benefits on the main site.
2. Answer the question "Why do I want to work in this position, what attracts me to this direction?" and be prepared to talk about your experience at the interview.
3. Prepare interview questions. For example, about working conditions and tasks.

Can I try again if I was rejected before?

We give detailed feedback after the interview and say if some skills are missing. You can respond again when you work through these moments. Candidates who get a job with us after a rejection usually take a break of six months.

Let's go?

Email: inspireall@yandex.ru
Head: Vladislav Pavlovich Fomenko
Phone: +7 928 179 71 00
Office: 423450, RT, Almetyevsk, 7 A, Bazovaya St., office №4 and №6
Reception: 8 800 777 08 36
Email: info@avalon-app.ru, info@s3expert.ru
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